About Daisy Street Press


DAISY STREET PRESS is a small letterpress printing studio based in Melbourne. Drawing on (ahem) 20 years of professional graphic design experience, letterpress printing is the perfect combination of both traditional and modern design and printing techniques. Going back to time-honoured practices that’ve been around since Gutenberg first invented the printing press is a nice break from the digital age, and the letterpress creations often reflect a combination of contemporary style with some old school charm. At Daisy Street Press, it’s about the satisfaction of collaborating with clients to create beautiful stationery, unique to their special occasion.
About Daisy Street Press

Letterpress is actually the original printing method that has been around for the last 600 years. It’s not new but happily enjoying a revival of interest – regardless of trends though, letterpress is timeless. These days it’s sought after for the oh-so tactile impression created in soft, quality paper stock. It gives a unique, premium feel to your stationery that other printing techniques can’t compare to (and photographs just don’t do justice to!)
All letterpress lovelies are produced on a hand-fed, treadle (foot) powered 120-year-old platen press, using premium quality materials, and as little electricity as possible! Daisy Street Press is an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious customer and is an approved vendor for Ethical Brides – Australia’s number one online resource for eco wedding needs!


WEDDING INVITATIONS Letterpress wedding stationery.
ENGAGEMENT, BIRTHDAY AND SPECIAL OCCASION Letter Press invitations for any special occasion or anniversary.

Can’t decide between regular digital printing methods or letterpress printing? Here is the Price versus Quality burning question that might help you decide:
Do your research on price versus quality. Yes, letterpress is more expensive than digitally printed invitations, but the quality of letterpress far exceeds other types of reproduction and the price is justified. It looks and feels exactly like what you pay for: a luxurious, premium grade product – handmade and beautiful. If quality is important to your special occasion, then letterpress is for you!

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