A Wink To Pink


In the Pink 2014-2015

Having exhausted every possible play on the word Pink, I’ll just say that this hue is not just reserved for Barbie – it’s proving to be one of the most prevalent colours for upcoming wedding invitations in 2014 – 2015. From Magnolia and Cherry to Apricot and Blush, we’re seeing it all. If you’re into Feng Shui, pink is said to have a soothing, enhancing effect that is literally the colour of love. Soft pink shades evoke whimsy, romance and flirtatiousness, while it’s hotter hues create a mood of pure glamour.  Who doesn’t want a touch of that?

Typical combinations include:

  • Soft Pink and Warm Grey
  • Watermelon Pink and Aqua or ‘Tiffany Green’ (come on, it’s not really blue)
  • Blush and Greige,
  • Pink and Mauve,
  • Bright Candy and Cool Grey
  • Pink and Coffee Brown,
  • Fuchsia and Black,
  • and – for the bolder Bride – Hot Pink and Red.

Pink is the perfect theme to work with your floral arrangements too – so many beautiful, inspiring colours come from David Austin roses, peonies, tulips and ranunculus – and let’s not even talk about the cake (a subject as close to my heart as letterpress). The thing to remember when selecting your pink for letterpress wedding invitations is that the ink colour can’t be too light for legibility. Reserve subtle shades for embellishments, so that your information can take centre stage – it’s the whole point of the communication, after all.

Don’t worry that pale ink colours for motifs will tend disappear; they will actually be more clearly defined.  Letterpress inks are transparent – the lighter the ink, the more transparent. So that lighter colours actually exaggerate the ‘letterpressed’ look because the edges of the impression are more visible through the lighter, more transparent ink tone. This means that you can have highly elaborate, large areas of embellishment, without dominating and detracting from your written information (win!)

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wedding invitation from Daisy Street Press with pink inks

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