More hints on organising your wedding stationery

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Once you’ve chosen the wedding stationer for your wedding or engagement invitations, here are some tips to save you a few headaches (and money) when finalising your order:

  1. QUANTITY  Take your absolute maximum number of guests (remember there’s one invitation per couple), and add about ten more to that to get your total quantity. This factors in the unexpected ‘pop up’ guest, any  spoiling – and the keepsake copies you and your family will want set aside. The cost of a few extra copies is minimal compared to the cost of potentially having to reprint your invitations (it DOES happen!)
  2. COLOUR The burning question for letterpress isn’t WHAT colours to print, but how MANY. Each ink colour is individually applied to the press, printed and removed for the next colour. Each colour requires a printing plate, so there’s time, materials and set up costs involved. Because you already have the tactile thick quality of the paper and debossing, letterpress invitations simply don’t need a lot of colour, so one or two inks are enough for most designs. You can virtually print in any colour, but Daisy Street Press is happy to advise you on ink colours and combinations, and which paper colour they’ll look best on.
  3. PAPER WEIGHT The two common paper weights for wedding and special occasion stationery are the thick 300gsm, and the doubly thick 600gsm. To give you an idea of thickness, the regular card you might buy from a shop is around 240gsm. It’s not unusual to save the more fabulous 600gsm for the invitation, and have other letterpress items in the (almost as luxurious) 300gsm. Keep in mind that the 300gsm, being thinner, won’t achieve the same impression that the 600gsm will – but can help to keep the budget on track for those additional pieces. Just saying.
  4. INVITATION SIZE There are basically two classifications of  invitation sizes – Large and Medium.
    The Large size includes three formats – Square: 140mm square, Rectangle: A7 (125 x 185mm), and  Long Rectangle: DL (2100 x 100mm).
    The Medium size: Rectangle: A6 (150 x 110mm0).
    Unless you have your heart set on a particular shape, the design and wording will often dictate which shape suits your wedding invitation best. Obviously,  Medium sized invitations are kinder to your budget (requiring slightly less paper, they cost less than the Large size), but your wording needs to be more brief. If you have a lot to say but prefer the Medium sized card, then investing in a smaller information card for the additional wording is the best way to go.

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