Choosing your wedding colours

Choosing colour combinations

…or how to avoid a colour rut

It’s safe to say that I’ve had this conversation with (at least) a hundred brides by now and I’m willing to take the risk of sounding ‘preachy’ to list here my favourite pearls of advice on this topic. When it comes to the single most important (and not to mention expensive) event in your life, the vast array of colour choices can be simply overwhelming.

Of course you can choose to go neutral throughout, but if you want colour, then keeping a consistent theme creates cohesion. A common thread such as colour running throughout your wedding details – flowers, stationery, outfits – makes your occasion look considered.

choosing wedding colours for letterpress wedding stationery

Choosing combinations
Creating a successful combination isn’t brain surgery (heck if it was, I’d be rich!) The simplest rule of thumb is to download a colour wheel from the web, then:
• Pick one main colour
• Combine with either a similar hue in the same intensity (the colour wedges on either side of your colour), and/or
Shades and tints of the exact same hue (colours within the same wedge), and/or
• a completely contrasting hue (colour wedge directly opposite) in the same intensity.
Choose two to three colours like this. Throw in a nuetral such as grey, black, dark blue or greige for suit colours, invitation text, etc if necessary and you have your wedding colour palette!

If you’re still stuck, here’s my top tips for getting out of a colour rut:
Your Venue is King
Consider your venue before selecting colour options. It’s pointless to set your heart on powder blue and eau de nil (aka yellowish green – just showing off there) if they clash with the deep crimson walls of your reception room. If you’re starting from scratch without any particular preferences, this is the best place to look for inspiration; often the style of the venue will also dictate the style of your wedding – whether modern, olde world, rustic, vintage, romantic or bold.
Seasonal inspiration
Seasonal flowers and natural colours for the time of year you hold your wedding are a great source of ideas. Warm, deep shades work well for Autumn/Winter weddings, and fresh, bright colours are appropriate for Spring and Summer. Be aware of certain colour associations though – a green and red wedding invitation could well be reminiscent of a Christmas card at first glance. Also, if you choose flowers that are out of season, there’s a greater cost involved.
Take your sample colours everywhere – I mean everywhere!
If you don’t have a colour sample to hand, pop down to your local paint shop. With all the paint chips available, they’re sure to have the exact shade you need. Take a few, so that you can send them out to your suppliers to match fabric and inks to. Letterpress printing isn’t the same process as paint of course, but samples will be matched as closely as possible.
Make a Mood Board
It sounds pendantic but the devil is in the detail. Create a mood board with those paint chips, and scraps of textures and fabrics you want to use – it’s the only way to know if they’ll all work together in harmony.

Needless to mention, Daisy Street Press is very happy to help you work out your colour combinations when ordering your letterpress stationery.
choosing wedding colours for letterpress wedding stationery

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