Directions maps


Tell your guests where to go!

Including direction cards with your letterpress wedding invitations and stationery are a good idea for country weddings, tricky locations and – always the hardest to find – park weddings.
Of course, a separate card is an added expense, but worth it to ensure guests aren’t roaming the neighbourhood in frustration rather than witnessing your carefully planned nuptials! Additional instructions for parking, toilets (especially for the wee’uns) and taxi ranks are all thoughtful information that help keep the day running smoothly. Here are a few examples of different styles and approaches – the important thing though, is that the directions are concise, clear and easy to follow.

Daisy Street Press letterpress wedding map card for Perth location
These map cards are all ‘regular’ sized in either 300 or 600gsm. See Daisy Street Press basic Pricing Guide for more letterpress printing and wedding invitation information.

letterpress directions card for city wedding Daisy Street Press

Luminare is a contemporary South Melbourne favourite for weddings, but it can be a little tricky to find the entrance. A handy map and parking instructions are a must for this wedding location.

Botanical Gardens. A beautiful spot for your ceremony – but you virtually need an inbuilt GPS and some psychic abilities to land on the RIGHT side of the lake (or is that just me?)

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