Letterpress Price Compared to Regular Digital Printing


Letterpress versus regular digital printing: Round One

I’m often quizzed about the difference in price between regular digital printing and letterpress printing. All I can say is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, let me send you a sample wedding invitation and you’ll know the difference! Not to state it too pointedly, but once you’ve run your fingers (and believe me, you will) over debossed inks on thick, luxurious cotton paper, there’s no going back. Digital Shmigital.

On a serious note, here are some very good reasons for the price difference:

  • Premium quality materials – These aren’t everyday products – if you like paper, you’ll practically SWOON over the beautiful texture and thickness of cotton letterpress paper, and know those cotton envelopes literally scream expensive when your guests receive them. Even the thinner 300gsm cotton paper is a third again as thick as regular card.
  • Manual labour – Everything, but everything is done by hand, so you’re paying for a lot of time too.
  • Skill – This isn’t a case of feeding paper into a glorified photocopier; it takes skill, craftsmanship and a whooooole lot of patience to produce your letterpress lovelies.
  • Equipment – Letterpress printing presses haven’t been made since the early 1970’s (or thereabouts). They are rare to find but built to last – much of Daisy Street Press letterpress printing is produced on a press made in 1887 and still going strong.

tree free letterpress printing at Daisy Street Press invitationsAnother good thing about that expensive-feeling cotton paper is that it’s great for your conscience – no trees will die for your invitations, and practically zero electricity will be used to make them – just good old fashioned foot power. Makes us all feel better about time spent cranking up the juice to cruise for shoe deals online doesn’t it (or is that just me?)

To sum things up, it basically boils down to this – price versus quality. Just as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and the same is true with letter press printing and wedding stationery. It’s a case of weighing up what you can afford and what you think is worth doing – but if you consider a quality invitation as an important part of your special event, I look forward to hearing from you!

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