Frequently asked questions

When should I order?

Place your invitation order at least 16 weeks ahead of the event. For local weddings, invitations are usually sent to guests 6 weeks before the event. For destination, interstate or international weddings, invitations are usually sent 8 weeks before the event – but it's a good idea to issue Save The Date cards 10-12 months ahead, so guests can prepare for the expense of travel.

RSVPs. Replies are usually requested 4 weeks before the event, but always check with your caterer or venue.

If mailing invitations or mailing replies coincide with December, factor an extra week or two into your timings for this busy time which often includes mail delays.

Minimum time needed to produce your letterpress wedding stationery is 12 weeks before your event. Letterpress is a hand-done process in every way and so requires additional lead time. 

What quantity do you recommend?

One invitation per couple or family is usual, with additional invitations for single guests. We recommend adding an additional 8-10 spares to the final total, just to be safe – it makes little difference to the price and is a lot cheaper than potentially reprinting. We always include a few extra envelopes for you at no additional cost – just in case of addressing errors.

You can order different quantities for different items, but our minimum order quantity is 30.

What paper weight should I choose?

It's all about the paper – the size of the card and the thickness affect the cost. Both 300gsm and 600gsm are thick and luxurious but the 600gsm thickness allows the 'letterpressed' impression to be most obvious. Most couples opt for 600gsm for the invitation – it's the star after all – but save a little by choosing 300gsm for the lesser items like Reply and Gift cards.

So saying that, if you prefer 300gsm for all cards, or 600gsm for all cards, you can do that too. Ordering our sample pack will help make decisions on paper much clearer.

What paper colour should I choose?

Our beautiful 100% cotton paper has a subtle texture and is available in two colour tones – Bright White and Soft White.

Generally speaking, the Bright White looks more modern, while the Soft White tends to lend a more traditional or romantic look to the design.

Choose the colour that suits the style of your event, or feel free to talk it through with Daisy Street Press.

What wording should I use?

You can provide your own wording, or leave it to us – you can always edit it to suit yourself after the initial draft. Don't worry – nothing will be printed until you've approved the final design and wording.

How can I personally address my invitations?

Due to the nature of letterpress printing, adding individual names to letterpressed invitations isn’t possible (okay, it IS possible, but it would cost a fortune!)

Traditionally, the recipients names on the envelopes show exactly who is invited, and who isn’t – but if you particularly want to name your guests, here's a few options:

Belly bands
Belly bands are literally slim paper bands put around the individual invitations, with your guest names digitally printed on them. Fonts will match the style and colour of your invitations and you can choose either matching cotton paper or a complimenting colour for your belly bands. A pdf proof will be emailed to you to approve before printing.

Leaving a space for handwritten names
If you specifically want your guests names on the actual invitations, a space can be left (with or without dotted lines) for you to add the recipients names. Unless you’re blessed with beautiful handwriting, it’s best to hire a professional calligrapher to add the names to your letterpress lovelies.

Adding the names to the RSVP cards
Another way to get around this is for you to handwrite the invitee names in a space on your Reply cards instead. Just let us know, and the artwork will be altered to accommodate guest names.

How do I address my envelopes?

If you prefer not to handwrite your guest address details, or you've chosen dark-coloured envelopes, you can opt to order our address labels. You provide a file with guest details and we create digitally printed labels in the font that matches your invitation design style. 

Labels are 100% cotton in Bright White or Soft White to match your invitation paper colour. A pdf proof will be emailed to you to approve before printing. 

Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Daisy Street Press works solely through website, via email and over the phone with couples from Australia and overseas. However, we're always here to discuss your preferences and concerns. Order our sample pack to help make understanding decisions on colour, paper and design much easier – photographs just don't do letterpress justice! 

Do you offer Custom Design?

Yes. For something bespoke and entirely personal, we work with you to create your own design. Contact Daisy Street Press to discuss your options.