Evelyn Art Deco with pinhole motif design

Evelyn is a timeless interpretation of the Art Deco style, with a touch of glamour. This pinhole design can be altered to suit long, rectangular and square shaped invitations. Choose to keep the pinhole motif in the same ink, or drop it back to a more subtle colour. Printed here in Antique Gold. This particular sample is a ‘Medium’ sized invitation in one colour only, which make it a very affordable option (the trick is to have minimum wording for this size though!)

Daisy-street-press-wedding-invitations-handWHEN TO ORDER Wedding invitations are generally mailed to guests 6 weeks before the event – 8 weeks ahead for those with international guests. Designing and printing wedding stationery takes a minimum of 6 weeks (longer at busier times of the year). You then need to allow around one week for addressing your invitations and an additional week for them to reach your guests in the mail. This means getting your wedding stationery organised at least 4 months ahead of your event date (who knew?!)
For December to March events, add an extra 3-4 weeks to these timings to compensate for the Christmas period.

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  • 1 ink colour of your choice on Medium sized card
  • 600gsm cotton paper in Soft White
  • Matching or contrasting envelopes
  • Design available in all stationery items, including: Reply card, Gift card, Save The Date, Information and Thank You cards

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