Floral Celebration

Floral Celebration wedding invitation

Floral and fresh

Floral Celebration is similar to Country Garden in theme, but with a simpler design which suits Medium sized invitations well. Shown here on crisp, Bright White paper in a jaunty Pacific Blue.
VARIATIONS: Floral Celebration design can be produced with the following variations:
• Suits both Large and Medium sized invitations
• Your choice of ink and paper colour
• With or without pocket enclosures

Daisy-street-press-wedding-invitations-handDID YOU KNOW  Rounded corners can be requested at no charge. If you’re not sure, we’ll give you the option once your wedding stationery is printed by emailing a pic of your invitation with and without, so you can decide for yourself!

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Daisy Street Press GET PRICING for letterpress printing in Melbourne   Daisy Street Press letterpress invitation ink colours

Letterpress printing shown here:

  • 1 ink colour of your choice
  • Medium sized invitation
  • 600gsm cotton paper in Soft White
  • Matching 100% cotton envelopes (thick and beautiful!)
  • Design available in all stationery items, including: Reply card, Gift card, Save The Date, Information and Thank You cards

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