French Fancy


French Fancy with delicate floral motifs

French Fancy letterpress wedding invitation is a design with a sophisticated French feel to it with traditional, classic touches. Here’s a design which can be altered to suit any of the Large-sized invitation shapes – Rectangular, Square or Long DL – or even the Medium invitation size.

Often the floral motifs are printed in a paler colour to compliment the wording without dominating, but because the little flowers are delicate and unobtrusive, they allow the text to take centre stage regardless of the ink colour (which means you can either print it in one ink or two).

Shown here are examples of a few variations for the design – Large square-shaped, Large long DL, and Medium sized rectangular – all in a variety of ink colours. Choose a size, shape and ink colours to suit yourself, or we can help you decide.

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  • 1 or 2 ink colours of your choice. Large or Medium card.
  • 600gsm cotton paper
  • Matching or contrasting envelopes
  • Design available in all stationery items, including: Reply card, Gift card, Save The Date, Information and Thank You cards

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