Melbourne Skyline


Melbourne Skyline

The Melbourne Skyline design has a retro, slightly 1950’s billboard style which will charm your guests. Use a fresh modern ink combination with bright white paper as shown here, or choose your own ink colours to suit (we’re happy to advise you on choices). This example has the wording and wedding information spread over a total of three Medium sized cards, but the design can easily be adjusted for a standard single card.

A little bit about this example: New Zealanders marrying in their new home town of Melbourne, Alice and Steve wanted a retro style design that included a flavour of Melbourne and hopefully inspired excitement amongst their New Zealand relatives and friends for an overseas wedding. They went to great trouble to pre-arrange accommodation and transport for the celebrations – because of this, there was a lot of information to convey, so the wedding invitation became a bank of 3 cards, beautifully tied with matching blue ribbon. The back of the envelope again featured the Melbourne skyline.

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  • 2 ink colours of your choice on Medium sized cards
  • 600gsm cotton paper in Bright White
  • Matching cotton envelopes
  • Design available in all stationery items, including: Reply card, Gift card, Save The Date, Information and Thank You cards

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