Regency style


Regency Wedding Invitations

Regency design letterpress wedding stationery style is influenced by 19th century regency classicism – think Pride and Prejudice with all those graceful, old world manners!

Shown here are two different versions of the same design. Choose a dramatic combination of inks like the Beetroot and Cream inks shown in the first example to contrast with the bright white paper, or choose a single ink colour like Navy in the second example.

VARIATIONS: Regency design can be produced with the following variations:
• 1 or 2 ink colours
• Portrait or Landscape orientation
• Suits both Large and Medium sized invitations
• Your choice of ink and paper colour
• With or without pocket enclosures

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  • 1 or 2 ink colours of your choice on ‘Medium’ sized card
  • 600gsm cotton paper
  • Matching or contrasting envelopes
  • Design available in all stationery items, including: Reply card, Gift card, Save The Date, Information and Thank You cards

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